Our Mission is to Empower ALL students to reach their full potential!

Purpose Statement 

The purpose of Kenwood Station Elementary is to provide safety, develop leadership, nurture creativity, and inspire personal greatness for the 21st century learner.

Vision Statement

Kenwood Station Elementary is dedicated to nurturing lifelong learners who are independent, literate, and innovative thinkers who will become productive citizens of their community. 


As facilitators of our vision for students, we believe that:

  • A productive learning community values and respects every individual.  
  • Establishing high expectations for all learners promotes success.
  • Developing a partnership with families and the community is vital in preparing learners for the future.  
  • Successful 21st century learners are creative thinkers and effective communicators who possess a comprehensive understanding of technology.
  • Engaged, motivated learners who persevere through challenges develop essential skills that promote confidence and success now and in the future. 

Parents' Rights to Know 

We are extremely proud of the expertise and experience of our staff. OCS consistently has high percentages of teachers who meet the federal government’s Highly Qualified Teacher requirements and who hold National Board Teacher Certification. We respect parents’ rights to know about the qualification of their children’s teacher and welcome inquiries about teacher credentials. Please contact our Personnel Director at 502-241-3500 for additional information.