Each school has a building level coordinator who is responsible for:

  • testing students referred for identification
  • gathering referral information for the school and district identification committees
  • facilitating the development of Gifted Student Service Plans (GSSPs)
  • providing copies of GSSPs and Progress Reports to parents
  • addressing parental and teacher concerns regarding service delivery and opportunities
  • presenting staff members with information regarding GATES policies and procedures
  • giving and/or facilitating assistance for effective service delivery for students

The following individuals are the first point of contact regarding GATES at the building level:

Elementary Schools

Buckner Elementary Coordinator: Richard Parrott - richard.parrott@oldham.kyschools.us

Camden Station Elementary Coordinator: Dana Corson - dana.corson@oldham.kyschools.us

Centerfield Elementary Coordinator: Kyle Patterson - kyle.patterson@oldham.kyschools.us

Crestwood Elementary Coordinator: Beth Wallingford - elizabeth.wallingford@oldham.kyschools.us

Goshen Elementary Coordinator: Dana Graham - dana.graham@oldham.kyschools.us

Harmony Elementary Coordinator: Stephanie Greene - stephanie.greene@oldham.kyschools.us

Kenwood Station Elementary Coordinator: Katie Garrett - mary.garrett@oldham.kyschools.us

LaGrange Elementary Coordinator: Melinda Hadley - melinda.hadley@oldham.kyschools.us

Locust Grove Elementary Coordinator: Austin Collins - austin.collins@oldham.kyschools.us

Middle Schools

East Oldham Middle School Coordinator: Jaclyn Green - jaclyn.green@oldham.kyschools.us

North Oldham Middle School Coordinator: Elaine Dillard - rebecca.dillard@oldham.kyschools.us

Oldham County Middle School Coordinator: Melissa Murphy - Melissa.murphy@oldham.kyschools.us

South Oldham Middle School Coordinator: Cheryl Adkisson - cheryl.adkisson@oldham.kyschools.us

High Schools

North Oldham High School Coordinator: Christie Inman - christie.inman@oldham.kyschools.us

Oldham County High School Coordinator: Joe Percefull - joe.percefull@oldham.kyschools.us

South Oldham High School Coordinator: Courtney Perkins - courtney.perkins@oldham.kyschools.us